Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard For iPhone Brings Easier On-Handed Texting Mode And More

Microsoft has released its popular Windows Phone keyboard, Word Flow for iPhone to a larger audiance, which was once axclusive for its own platform. In other words, Microsoft has finally made available to download a text-word predicting keyboard as an iOS app. The innovative keyboard experience is is now available for iPhone users to rejoice, featuring an intelligent word recommendation algorithm, a unique on-hand mode, access to device Contacts for name predictions, and the new release gets the ability to personalize the experience with backgrounds.

Microsoft to potentially convince iPhone owners to ditch the stock Apple keyboard permanently in favor of its new offerings, the Microsoft Garage project is not only trying to replicate the functionality found in the Word Flow Keyboard for Windows Phones, but also as part of those effects. Word Flow for iPhone offers a “blazing fast” input experience thanks to a smart prediction engine that not only attempts to predict what you’re trying to type, or swipe, but also corrects mistakes and makes it easier to suggest about the next word in your sentence.

Taking the built-in access to Contacts – if permission is given, then – that allows Word Flow for iPhone to predict the names of contacts being typed to make the whole experience more quicker. With faster recommendations the whole Word Flow experience is built and aimed towards those who want more efficiency from a keyboard.

Taken into consideration is the fact that a lot of us use one of Apple’s larger screen iPhones, such as the iPhone 6/6s or the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. To that extent there’s a stunning Arc mode built-in, aimed at those one-handed typing fans who really want to reach specific corners of the keyboard on a larger screen device in an easier manner.

Finally, Word Flow for iOS also caters to those individuals who like their iPhone to be as unqiue as them. Genuinely to handle those needs, the keyboard from Microsoft comes bundled with personalization options that should see the keyboard ship with a number of free wallpapers that users can set as the background of the keyboard itself. If that’s the case, then one can also be selected from the device Camera Roll.

Unfortunately, Word Flow for iPhone is finally here, albeit only officially for those consumers in the United States who type in English only.

Living outside of the U.S. but want to download the keyboard right away, you’ll need to create a U.S. based App Store/iTunes account.

(Download: Word Flow for iPhone from the App Store)

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