Microsoft’s 4K-Capable Xbox One S Leaks In Its Full Glory: 40% Smaller, 2TB, 4K Video, HDR [Images]

Microsoft rumored to be launching a smaller, more powerful Xbox One at E3 in style in a matter of hours from now, with the gaming console maker about to announce a brand new Xbox One. Leaked images points to a huge overhaul for the console. Coming not long after more leaks surrounding plans for Sony to release an updated PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s own decision for a console refresh are set to come to fruition sooner and E3 is where we will get our first glimpse of the upgraded Xbox One model, unofficially dubbed as “Xbox One S”.

With that announcement imminent, fresh leaks over on the NeoGAF forums have detailed just what we can expect when Microsoft kicks its E3 shenanigans off.

For a start off, first of all, check out that compact design – the S is much smaller than the gigantic original. The Xbox One is set to be around 40% smaller than the large console the Xbox One already was. That fits in with the leaked images that have appeared which show a white console that looks noticeably smaller than what is already sat underneath our TV. Patterned case is definitely more eye-catching and the power brick is internal, too.

Despite being smaller, the new Xbox One will also be the first recent Xbox console to have its power supply, making cabling much easier for those, like to keep things nice and tidy around their entertainment center. Managed to make its machine so much smaller but Microsoft also included the PSU and has the new machine able to be stood vertically rather than horizontally, akin to the Xbox 360 that came before it.

Leaks also show a white Xbox One in that particular orientation, those with little room around their TV or who just prefer things vertical will be pleased to learn they will have a choice soon enough. This system will support both 4K video and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, making it a good complement to your brand new TV. Also, you’ll be getting a gorgeous 2TB hard drive, a “streamlined controller” and a vertical stand for showing off.

Alongside the revamped design for console, the newly updated Xbox One is also said to have a more unique controller to offer, along with support for playing back 4K Ultra HD video, HDR, etc.

The game console would be smaller, faster and sleeker
The release date and price is unknown, although it’s reasonable to presume that the Xbox One S will cost considerably more than the $299 you pay for the current 500GB model. With Microsoft’s E3 event not far off, we expect to be able to see much more of the new Xbox One S soon.

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