Microsoft’s New Lumia 1030 Photos Leaks Again In A New Set Of Image Gallary

Talking about the McLaren which the new Microsoft Lumia 1030 called to be, in a bunch of interesting photos now appeared on Baidu search engine. They show the next Lumia prototype device, which is as aforementioned said to be the Microsoft Lumia 1030 McLaren. With similar photos last month surfaced of what appears to be the same 3D Touch UI unit now have its way with the same photo-shoot.

The Microsoft’s next smartphone is codenamed McLaren, and some of that UI stuff might end up living on in Windows 10 power, but what hardware specs it sports? Said to be the cancelled successor to the Lumia 1020, but with the new info claims it’s actually an upcoming Microsoft Lumia-branded handset.

Although, the newly leaked shots show a lot more from the device, which in fact appears to be a fully working handset and from what we got here specifications of Lumia 1030. Alleged Lumia handset will apparently packs a Full HD (1080p) display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and rumors also points to a Snapdragon quad-core SoC.

The unofficially dubbed Lumia 1030 revealing Lumia 1020-esque with a big PureView camera on board, has a clearer close-up of the camera module, Zeiss-cestified sensor and confirmation that the device will have a dual-LED flash, as opposed to the Xenon one found in its predecessor. Photos also discloses that the new device will support 4G connectivity and another image shows a microSD card slot integrated with a micro-SIM assembly.

Interesting here is that the rumored Lumia 1030 shots with the iPhone 6 for size references also put together side-by-side, so the upcoming Microsoft is targeting the Apple’s newly iterated iPhone 6 in the future. And the new shots are both more numerous and of appreciably higher quality.

New photos are of the purported Lumia 1030 up for review but still not confirmed in any official manner. So it may indeed end up as a deal prototype. Add some salt and pepper to make a soup of this new information and enjoy waiting for an official announcement.

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