Motorola Rumored To Be Working On Three New Smartphones With QHD 2K Display; Details

In Chicago, Motorola is testing the smartphones which have codenames – XT1578, XT1585 and XT192A. Three new handsets are Verizon-activated, packs quad HD (QHD) displays with a resolution of 2K (2560x1440px) screens and all the 3 new smartphones from Motorola confirmed are running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. More details on new Motorola smartphones with QHD display can be grabbed right after this break.

Display sizes goes like this with the XT1578, appears to have a 5-inch display, wheraes the XT1585, XT192A has 4.3″ Quad-HD screens. Rumors points that tese three phones could be the Motorola’s 2015 edition of Moto X (3rd Gen).

Reddit post also contains more information regarding its Pixel Per Inch density (PPI) of the smartphones, and the data provided is actually the DPI number for scaling purposes, and not useful data that we could use to apply the screen size of the displays.

Report that directly from a Reddit user /u/AndroidLeaks, that the company is testing three handsets on the Verizon network. Motorola may be working on three new Moto smartphones with QHD dipslays. And almost certainly rule them out as being new models in the Moto G or the Moto E line-ups.

Notably, you should take this news with a pinch of salt as its not officially clarified. But these devices are “currently being tested in or around Chicago”, which would make a lot of sense given that Motorola’s US headquarters is located in the Windy City.

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