Motorola To Reportedly Offer Budget 4G Smartphones In India Early Next Year

Motorola for Indian market has big plans in the future which in fact planning to roll out an affordable smartphone with 4G connectivity. In an interview for the Economic Times. Rick Osterloh, president and chief operation officer at the US tech giant stated that the company will be very aggressive in the 4G market come 2015.

Reports: Motorola plans to offer affordable 4G smartphones in India

The transition to 4G will be quick. Next year, we are going to be very aggressive in the 4G value proposition for end users. India is absolutely essential (for global turnaround). India and Brazil are countries that we think first when we think about our business because that’s the future. The market here is growing incredibly quickly.

Speaking about the Indian smartphone market, which have already proven to be one of the fastest growing in recent years, and no doubt has spiked a lot of interest in the tech world. For instance regarding its importance, that manufacturers, developers and vendors all around are tailoring products and marketing strategies exclusively for the market.

Android One in particular, the best examples of the game-changing effects the new vast user base is having on the main sector, India. 4G is still very much in its cradle, with coverage available only a few major cities in India. Nevertheless, Motorola are hoping to grab the major nation-wide release, scheduled for early next year and captivate users with affordable 4G smartphones.

Although Motorola stands at the fifth largest smartphone maker with a 5% share in India, and when talked about global rankings it sits at third position after the Lenovo acquisition. Motorola apparently focusing on the tuigh competition in India, with Xiaomi which rolls out some of its entry-level phones that are pretty much suitable for Indian market.

Note: Delhi High Court banned Xiaomi from importing and selling devices owing to patent infringement related to Ericsson though.

And when talking about affordable 4G devices, Motorola is somewhat of an expert when it comes to targeting the lower market segments and likely hoping the success in the new market, especially judging by the unparalleled success of the Motorola Moto G and Moto E.

Osterloh did not provide any specific information regarding as to what devices are hitting India’s market nor said a word on when it will happen. Stay tuned!


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