MovieBox Alternative Popcorn Time Blocked By UK Court, Will Soon Go P2P

One of the most popular movie streaming app Popcorn Time has been blocked in the United Kingdom, as Hollywood studios win first legal injunction against it. Popcorn Time, an illegal streaming app based in America, will be demanded to be block its streaming after a legal challenge from six film studios in Hollywood. Due to its questionable legality, movie studios have sought to block the service, but a shift to Bittorrent-based distribution has allowed it to continue operating while Hollywood scrambles a response. However, is in the UK, where they’ve managed to restrict access to the original Popcorn Time client. More details on Popcorn Time UK blocking news can be checked right after this break.


The Court ruled Popcorn Time as illegal and should be banned by service providers in the UK. Five other major service providers who are asked to block pages where Popcorn Tome is available to download, other service providers includes Sky, BT, EE, Talk Talk and VirginMedia, will be forced to comply, just as they have with popular Bittorrent websites.

Torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay have been officially blocked in the UK for a while now, but are still accessible thanks to workarounds such as proxies that re-route internet traffic through other countries. Regarding Popcorn Time, the judge had no issue calling out its real motive. “It is manifest that the Popcorn Time application is used in order to watch pirated content on the internet and indeed it is also manifest that that is its purpose,” notes Judge Briss. “No-one really uses Popcorn Time in order to watch lawfully available content.” It’s only a matter of time until,,, and are blocked.


The creators are working towards making Popcorn Time completely p2p and they said that “soon the software will not be depended on any domain or centralized server to operate.”

Update: Popcorn Time’s developers have issued a statement (via The Next Web):

We’re pretty disappointed from the judicial system in the UK and feel pretty sorry for the citizens of England for their basic rights, like the freedom of speech and net neutrality being revoked so easily.

We hope to see some sort of protest from the citizens of the UK against this order, but given how easy it is for the judicial system there to hurt their basic rights, we doubt they will do so

We find this move they made pretty predictable and we’re sure that this is not the last of it. We’re working full force now even more than ever on making Popcorn Time fully p2p and soon the software will not be depended on any domain or centralized server to operate.


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