Netflix Goes Global, Now Available All Around In 130 New Countries Except China Left Behind In List

Streaming video giant has gone wild after it announced that it would be opening its doors to other new countries today. Total number to access to its streaming library to a whole covering 19 countries worldwide. Speaking about the Netflix Inc’s promise and the announcement came officially at the company’s event during CES 2016 and it has also listed expansion into India. Launch also been joined by other new countries such as Russia, UAE and Indonesia, but unfortunately left behind was China.

Netflix, is of course the most popular and one of the best video-streaming portal, has been rumored to be working with Alibaba to flix to the Chinese audiance, but given that Netflix’s launch its own subscription service, that paernership now appears to be a big deal in the ocean.


List of those countries that won;t be getting Netflix any time soon are here. Such as “North Korea, Crimea and Syria due to U.S. Govt. restrictions on American companies,” said by Netflix giving a statement on which it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

For those who do now have their first access to Netflix will be paying the local equivalent of Netflix’s US-based subscriptions. Indian viewers, for example, will pay INR 500 (around $7.49) per month for the basic streaming, standard definition, single-user package. Cost more for the Netflix Standard (HD and two screen) and Premium (UHD and four concurrent screens) will set India customers back to 650 INR ($9.75) and almost $11.99 (INR 800 approx.) per month basis.

Do not expect more from Netflix access, which doesn’t mean you will get all of the top and best content always. Initial reports appears that having content will vary depending on the region (country) in which it is being watched, something that those outside the United States have been complaining about for a long time now. Netflix in your country may be great news, gone global though, but the shine gets taken off pretty quickly when you can’t watch your desired or favorite movies and TV shows.

Check out whether the service of Netflix has rolled out its support for your country. Table below will show your region. To check that, head over to and you should be able to start a one-month free trail before you actually sang a subscription of your choosing.


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