New 4-inch iPhone 6c To Equip A9 CPU, NFC And Apple Pay, Launch Early With Colorful Metal Casing

The latest imaginations focuses on what actually Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 2016 is going to bring with it and all these speculations coming courtesy of Ming-Chi of KGI Securities, an analyst and a company with well-respected record of predicting Mack makers future plans, which he believes will resemble an upgraded iPhone 5s and launch in early 2016.

The reports however pertaining to the speculated “iPhone 6c” are starting to come through thick and fast as we approach the end of the current year’s calendar dates. Now, as we run into the festive shopping season, the heat is being ramped up once again with the new iPhone suggesting Apple is readying to pack some serious hardware into the 4-inch device.

Kuo is suggesting that not only is the 4-inch iPhone a reality, but also adds some important insight into the speculations. Said, it will ship iPhone 6c containing the same A9 processor that sits proudly within Apple’s latest flagship devices. Expects the new 4-inch iPhone’s chip manufactured by both TSMC and Samsung, 2.5D cover glass with curved edges like on the iPhone 6s, NFC for Apple Pay, metal casing with at least two or three color options, and identical camera specs to the 5S — an 8MP rear facing camera and 1.2-Megapixel front selfie shooter.

Major one also reporting that Apple will take things a step further as part of plans to champion the company’s own payment platform, Apple Pay, which the company is obviously keen to get as many people as possible onboard the Apple Pay ship, which means putting supporting devices in front of as many users as possible.

KGI Securities forecasted that full-year shipments of the new 4-inch iPhone will reach 20 million units, with production beginning in the first quarter of 2016. Research note said the new 4-inch iPhone 6c hardware could be priced at between $400 and $500 in the U.S., which would be $149 to $249 cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 6s., which will come equipped with an internal NFC radio that would enable wireless Apple Pay transactions in supporting retail outlets which are consistently increasing by the hour.

Sources still belive that any 4-inch model released will be offered as a budget friendly device and will fall into the affordable price-range, that carries a lightly cheaper than what Apple sold the 5c for when it was initially launched as an entry-level option alongside the iPhone 5s. Now its iPhone 6c? Speculations is also ramping up that Apple could be ready to flip the switch on an early 2016 release time frame to quick start the year off with a bang.

Kuo believes the new 4-inch iPhone could help the slowdown for suppliers.

Recently slowed iPhone 6s orders validates our prediction six months ago that the model may not outsell iPhone 6, potentially resulting in the supply chain returning to a normal cycle starting 1Q16F, and with shipments declining 30-40% QoQ. While the new 4-inch iPhone may not catalyze shipments, it should still help mitigate slow seasonality for suppliers and a negative impact on share performance. This would also in turn raise investor awareness of the Apple supply chain.

Kuo added the iPhone 7 will enter mass production in the second quarter of fiscal 2016. Alongside 4-inch iPhone 6c?

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