All About The New Foursquare iPad App Release, Coming Soon

Foursquare, is one of the best service that gives users the ability to discover great places to eat on the go, no matter where you reside across the world. Got a dedicated app for major mobile platforms, but Foursquare never offered an official iPad app until now. However, it appears things are about to change as the Foursquare is planning to honor a dedicated app for the iPad in the coming weeks.


Now it looks like the company’s is going to release an official Foursquare iPad app, which is finally in the works ready to roll out on iOS App Store. News that surfaced through Foursquare’s chief revenue officer Steven Rosenblatt at Mashable’s Media Summit on Friday. Adding that it’s expected to launch in the next few weeks. But didn’t stated any exact availability date though, rather confirmed that it will be released soon.

Mashable reported, “Speaking at Mashable’s Media Summit on Friday, Steven Rosenblatt, the chief revenue officer for Foursquare, said the app would be released within a few weeks. The rationale, he said, was to give people “sitting on their couches” a way to plan restaurants to visit and future travel.”

Believe it or not, if this gonna happen then the new Pad app will give Foursquare fans a better way to check out popular restaurants and other check-ins of interest from the comfort of their homes on the device’s bigger screen as well.

Remind you about Foursquare split itself in two apps earlier this year, turning check-ins into an entirely new feature called Swarm, which takes your personal preferences into consideration along with your location and suggestions from the people you choose to follow.

How Foursquare can take advantage of all exact screen space an iPad has to offer? Excited to see in the future.


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