New Images Of The Fourth Generation Sony Xperia Z3 Neo Surfaced

Leaked renders here could be the of the Sony’s long-overdue Xperia Z4 flagship. Rumors about the handset are still are still plentiful, but nevertheless the speculations regarding the metal unibody and a fingerprint sensor, recently news have become more generous, as its named it the Sony Xperia Z3 Neo. Regardless of what the handset is called, new images from the same leak have emerged thanks to Wikileaks who published an “analysis and search system for The Sony Archives.”

Speaking about the Sony Pictures that suffered a massive email leak last December, as with North Korea blamed for the attack. Details and a picture emerged of what Sony refers to as the “Xperia Z Fourth Generation.” Since then till now, we have seen all of the different and numerous images and speculations regarding the unannounced handset leak that ties into that image. Newer ones from the same leak have emerged today, which the handset codenamed “i1-4” follows on from the Xperia Z1 which was coded “i1” and is tagged as a design concept, though, the images ties n with everything we have seen far, and refers to a picture titled “The New Metal Expression” giving detail of a new sleek frame.

The design language hasn’t changed when compared to the previously leaked model, Z3. The speakers are still there, but the position has now been changed and is now located on top and bottom just like we have seen on the XPERIA Z2. 4th generation of Xperia Z handset from Sony has a microUSB port, which hjave also been moved to the bottom of the phone, as its a IP68 waterproof certified has the ability having an unprotected USB ports. With sleek body and more polished surfaces – tanks to metal plating with their ne anodizing tech has indeed achieved by Sony, as it claims.

The front and back are apparently covered by a glass finish and with a model number E6553, leaving us to wonder what to think of the sea of recent Z4 leaks. On April 20, we all are going to witness what Sony will be introducing us with, either it unveils the Xperia Z4, or Xperia Z3 Neo, or as we can’t really be sure if our previous information concerts, both or none of them, for that matter.

Finally, the next Sony device will pack a 5.2-inch Gorilla Glass 3 protection screen, could be a fullHD or QHD display. Specs sheet also includes a Snapdragon 810 chipset with 4GB of RAM, the usual 20.7MP camera and a waterproofing capability. The phone is also rumored to be housing a 3400 mAH battery under the hood.

Do you think we all are going to see the launch of a ‘real’ next-generation Xperia flagship from Sony on April 20?

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