New iPhone (2017) Flagship To Feature True Wireless Charging That Works From A Distance

Smartphone manufacturers around the world has already delivered it and today an anonymous source claims the next yera’s Apple smartphone will be integrated with that similar feature, may be a bit more advanced wireless charging capabilities. It is now being suggested that Apple could push wireless charger for its future iPhone mobiles, while it’s also said to be working on closely with partners in the United States and Asia to bridle serious techical challenges assosiated with developing a wireless charging solution that doesn’t even require the iPhone to be in close proximity to a charging pad.

Apple’s partnership with the external companies is said to be that it will allow Mac maker to develop technologies that go above and beyond wht already ixists in the technology world of mobile smartphone and tablet charging. Currently, the smae wireless charging has been introduced to a number of popular smartphones available today in the market to grab, but the thing here is that it would apparently require to be placed onto a connected charging pad for power to be passed through. Appl, in other form factor, is reportedly being said to looking forward to explore “cutting-edge” technologies that would annihilate existing tech barriers for a true wireless charging from a distance, which is the best part played by Apple.

The primary aim of the project is that Apple to find a better way to allow future iPhones and iPads to be charged without being tethered to a wall outlet, or else placed directly onto a charging mat. If Apple is thinking about that implementation then users of iPhone and iPad will be able to charge devices without actually having to be in close proximity to a charging olution, is clear. In perfecting the tecnology, there’s still a distance work to do so and overcoming obstacles and hurdles like ensuring that power isn’t lost even when traveling over the distance involved.

Technically, if the advanced wireless charging solutions by Apple comes true then it could see that introduced into iOS mobile devices as early as 2017, although that seems a little optimistic. To achieve the target, Apple will however shows best interest to release new hardware that has the competitive edge over other top-end devices in the market by utilizing new technologies.


Remind you that Apple Watch outranks Rolex and others in Annual Luxury brand rankings’s watch category and seen 75-percent annual turnover in selling iPhone and iPad currently responsible for. Wireless charging is certainly a popular feature within smartphones, and if Apple could overcome some of those assisiated with it over longer distances then it would definitely be a game changer.

It was also thought that 2016 flagship smartphone, Apple’s iPhone 7 would see the integration of similar waterproof design and wireless charging, but it looks like it has been turned for next year’s iPhone.

(Reports: Bloomberg)

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