New Leaks Appears To Show “iPhone 6 SE” Packaging For Next iPhone, No Way Convinced

New packaging of “iPhone 6 SE” product has surfaced online today claimed to show both boxes and detail pamphlets receiving the full treatment.

The leaks however, coming from two different sources but still very uniquely unconfirmed, fairly appears to show the iPhone 6 SE branding, which is not that convincing that could be either a new unknown iPhone is about to be released, or that Apple will be using the “6 SE” moniker instead of the iPhone 7 name for this September-bound 2016 release.

Somewhat we can expect that to be true, as in the year of 2016 Apple already introduced to an all-new branded iPhone SE smartphone, alongside the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which could also predict that the macOS Sierra maker might go with the same “SE” brand launch this year, and could release iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 2017. Apart from that, the photos have circulated on a number of sites with varying amounts of redaction, but the highest quality, least edited versions were shared by Weibo leaker “KK“, who notes he has collected them from other users and doesn’t believe Apple will use the “iPhone 6 SE” name.

In fact, if these leaks are of a real iPhone 6 SE boxes and literature, we find the choice of branding odd at best. The fake SE name has only had one outing so far, which has used for the lower-end iPhone models. Featuring iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s internals and built into a smaller iPhone 5-like body, the iPhone SE is a very capable hardware.

Rumors already took the Apple’s next-level iPhone smartphones to an entire new range of 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch device under the same name. Possible that a new device is going to be made available next month if all the reports come true. In addition to iPhone 6 SE name, other text lines appearing to include a 2016 copyright date at the very bottom and an A1758 model number halfway through the large block of text at the top.

There’s amazing things happen with the help of Photoshop these days, but please don’t remind us of that comment if these things turns out to be real!


(Source: TechTastic [Google Translate])

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