New Tech Of Samsung Can Double Battery Capacity In Smartphones?

Good news comes in a great way when you’re anxious to get more through a day on a single smartphone charge today, and yes we are talking about the battery life of a smartphone, which Samsung has announced it developed technology that could almost double the battery life of your smartphone. Tests have proven the new batteries last between 1.6 and 1.8 times the length of current tech, according to the Korean manufacturer. Sounds too qualified to be true isn’t it?

Samsung's new technology can double battery capacity in smartphones, and it is coming
Before we talk about battery capacity on smartphones, Samsung recently created a prototype of ‘Truck’ that shows ‘Video’ on oncoming traffic to cars behind it, reason behind is that it put a front-facing camera on the wehicle, which indeed shows video to the traffic, whicxh it blocks on a black screen, meant to help trailing drivers attempting to pass on two-lane roads. Ultimately, it is said to be the best practices. The South Korean Electronics has focused purely on getting rid of accidents in the future, and it also have drawbacks either, which we will share that in our next post. Now that the new technology that Samsung is using can double battery life in a smartphone, who and what is it?

It was in the past, with removal batteries for its current lineup of high-end smartphone – we’re looking at your Galaxy S6 – Samsung has clearly been working to try and make the batteries that it uses in the next-Gen or future live longer. Samsung’s research claims that it is capable of making batteries that last up to 80% longer than their current capacity – something that smartphones, tablets and even electric cars could potentially take advantage of in the coming years. Guess what! Don’t expect to see such technology on the smartphone in any time soon though, because there is still lot of work to be done.

Samsung is the company amongst the few cell phone manufacturers out there which builds the most majority of their in-house components, such as chipset, display and even battery. Samsung’s new technology itself actually comes from graphene which is grown on a silicon carbide substance. The whole thing later combined with a traditional lithium battery with the result being huge gains in the time it takes the oft-mentioned battery to drain. Point to be noted!

Samsung is working effortelessly to get the technology ready for prime time whether that be on the desktop in our notebooks or the road via an electric car. In both cases, it sounds appealing to us and the potential to make batteries that last almost twice as long and then shoehorn them into cars is something that could make a huge variation to the range of such vehicles, while also giving your smartphone juice of power required to call someone when your car’s batteries do inevitably die.

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Not too long but Samsung will have to walk for miles away bringing this technology live into grace ur smartphones. But nevertheless, we can rest assured that the battery technology will undoubtedly revolutionize plenty of things once its ready for primetime. Samrtphones will get this Samsung’s new technology soon.

Do you agree with longer lasting batteries being worked on by Samsung, and that too thinking how about squeeze in the ability to charge them quicker?

Hold tight, we’re slowly getting there. (Source: Nature)

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