Beware: This Text Message Spotted Floating Around That Can Crash Any iPhone

There is yet another text message foxed circulating around that can directly crash any iPhone’s native Messages app on iOS 10 or below.

If you are an iPhone owner, then you may be aware of a little bit of history that has herald this issue. It was an year ago, the public became aware of a text message bug that could not only instantly crash the iPhone that it was received one, but also cause it to continuously reboot. Although that issue was not problematic enough, earlier this year was a malicious Safari link passed on that could effectively cause iOS devices to crash. Even more problems across just last month when it was also discovered that there was a malicious video link that could also crash or freeze any iPhone or iPad on any version of iOS.


You should be aware of the way to ruin your day if you have any iOS gadgets of your own. With these bugs fixed in new releases of iOS, we thought the pain was over, but it appears not, thanks to a large contacts file now that has the ability to sort of permanently disable the Messages app on any of Apple’s smartphones.

Those smartphones iPhone running iOS up to version iOS 10.2.1 betas receiving this particular attachment via the native Messages app will eventually freeze the app and render it unresponsive when the attachment containing the malicious code is tapped to open.

While the user is able to enter into multitasking switcher to kill the Messages app, then they find a single white screen of death when attempting to re-launch the app again. It will then sit like that for a number of seconds before crashing back to the Home screen. However, a hard reboot of the device won’t fix or resolve problem either, and neither does turning the device off and then back on again provide any relief.

What appears here to be a case of the Messages app that’s being unable to decipher and make sense of an extremely large contacts file being sent to it, therefore rendering itself entirely unusable.

Take note and beware. If you receive any sort of file of this nature, do not tap on it to try and open the file. Similarly, we wouldn’t advise anyone to prank their friends using this method either.

You can check out the demo of the bug, as well as the links to the file that causes the crash, in the video embedded below.

(Source: vincedes3 [YouTube])

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