Next Nexus Phone Rumored To Be Another Plus-Sized Phablet; Reports

Google has launched Nexus 6 in recent months and made the controversial decision  to setp away from the affordable strandard models, but gone with the six-inch flaghsip high-rated phablet, instead. Next report comes to scene is whether the new Nexus model will be going the similar way or not, whch was alleged to be from the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei. Nexus handset that is very much cast in the mold of the Nexus 6 is unknown. Rumors suggests that Google’s staying the course with phablets, and we’re looking at another combo-sized Nexus phablet. More details on the un-confirmed Nexus screen size can be grabbed right after this fold.

Huawei Made Nexus To Feature Samsung’s 5.7-inch 2K OLED
Talking about the idea of the search giant tuning to the Chinese OEM to build its next Nexus. Huawei is that manufacturer and which Google would be planning to release two new smartphones in Nexus line-up, the other goes with the LG branding. According to analysts, the new Nexus may be on track to get a 5.7-inch Samsung-made QHD Super AMOLED display – and apparently, an OLED one, and not the LCD onboard.

Hardware on the next Nexus device could find a Snapdragon 810 SoC inside, which is a bit surprising given that we expected Huawei to incorporate its own SoC inside a new Nexus device. If this is indeed true, we expect a lot more information in the coming months.

What do you think about Google’s Huawei made Nexus phablet?

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