Nexus 6 Prices Slashed Nearly By Half Ahead Of Refresh

Now that the $650 Nexus 6 is available to buy at a cheaper budget and that too at $350 for 32GB model, means its prices down by nearly half. On, another $150 off, compared to the previous price cut. As the LG Nexus 5 (2015) aka Nexus 5X, and the Huawei Nexus 6 (2015) announcements are nearing, the latest price drop of the current Motorola-made Nexus 6 clears all the doubts, maiking its imminent that two new Google Nexus devices are coming.

Those waiting for a big price slash for Nexus 6, then you’ll be overjoyed to learn that Amazon currently has them available for a heavy discount. Amazon appears to be trying to sell through some of its inventory. If the 32GB model tickles your fancy, then you can now save 46%, with $349.99 getting you a shiny new Nexus 6 with the lower of the two storage options.

Wait! If you’d rather splash for the 64GB flavor, then a 43% saving over the originbal price can be had, with $399.99 all that is required in order to get that shipment on its way. The Nexus 6 poses a serious threat to Motorola’s own brand new Moto X Pure Edition (US) and is available globally as Moto X Style. Pre-orders for the unlocked Pure Edition started few days ago, but the one year-old Nexus 6 has a few trump cards over it.

The current Nexus 6 is indeed a cpable smartphone even when the new Nexus (2015) devices likely to be around the corner. The latest and greatest handsets are always going to appeal to some, the potential savings that can be had when opting for a Nexus 6 should make it one to at least consider if you’re on the lookout for anew brand. The phone is Google-branded, and that’s the only one makes it a first-choice device for anyone wanting to stay abreast with the latest in Android updates, especially with Android Marshmallow on its way. It’s 6″ AMOLED display and 13MP rear camera are the icing on the cake.

Two new Nexus phones arriving later this month and it is possible that Nexus 6 will receive another deeper price cuts in a few weeks. Specs-wise the Nexus 6 comes with optical image stabilization, larger display, superior GPU, larger battery with built-in inductive charging etc. Finally, those new prices make it all the more compelling of an option, especially if the price is what has been putting you off until now.

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