Nintendo Confirms New NX Console Launch In March 2017, Two New Games For iPhone And Android

Nintendo has announced the developers of two new games coming for the iPhone and Android, confirming the launch of next NX console in March 2017. You accept what they say now, and wait for years for one Nintendo game to come along and grace mobile devices. The three smash hit titles following on from the worldwide success of Miitomo, Nintendo has now officially unveiled a new pair of mobile games that are actively being developed for a projected release this coming fall.

In 2017 Nintendo will be taking the opportunity to push out some news about the current happenings with the company. Confirmed that a release date for the Nintendo NX game console including some specs and features providing consumers about the delay of Zelda. For another discussion, we are interested in what the company plans to do from a mobile gaming perspective during the rest of 2016. Rather than look to build and promote an entirely new franchise. Nintendo plans on focusing on two already established platforms and porting them across into a mobile gaming environment; Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

The new Nintendo NX is due for launch in March 2017, as officially stated by Nintendo themselves, announced on Twitter that the NX will not be coming out this damn year.

About the Nintendo console games. Fire Emblem is an interesting choice, and will definitely raise some mobile handling challenges. Rather than being aimed at the more serious console games, Nintendo will look further to introduce a gaming experience that not only keeps the core concepts of the Fire Emblem experience, but also makes it “more accessible” to users when compared against the current versions of the title. Game, you’ll still command a small army of soldiers requiring the usual skills, but in short, it will be tailored to the small screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The Animal Crossing port to mobile will be another different ballgame though. Nintendo has stipulated that the mobile version will be connected with the Animal Crossing on its current gaming systems. Alternatively, it’s possible that the mobile variant of the franchise could be an entirely new offering altogether, or, it could be a campaign experience to the current Animal Crossing title that are available for Ninbtendo’s consoles and handhelds.

Not everything we know now, in this case this is what you need to know, the Nintendo NX is scheduled to launch next year with more information to be gathered later this year. Don’t expect the console to make an appaearnce at the upcoming E3 conference. As for The Legend of Zelda, well, it seems that the developers “need more time to polish the game“, meaning that it will now launch in 2017, “but it will be the focus of Nintendo’s presence at E3.”

(Source: Twitter)

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