Now Galaxy S7 Edge Exploded: Sued Samsung Over This Issue


It was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was regularly getting attacked by incidents of battery exploding while charging, as a result it has put a vehicle on fire, a garage, and of course has been warned by FAA to not to use or charge on flights, recently. Admitting the reason, Samsung has issued a worldwide Galaxy Note 7 recall, to return it back and get refund of the handsets. Since there was no warning for owners of Galaxy S7 Edge about that damn exploding issues, and it did finally and Samsung has been sued on that, facing a lawsuit.

When taking the exploding Note 7 battery issues, actually happened when charging rather not while using it and it should be relatively safe when in use. The company is now being sued over a Galaxy S7 Edge which allegedly exploded and caused third-degree burns. This would be the first one against S7 Edge and no widespread reports were recorded to similar battery cell issues with the smartphone.

According to the latest report, this incident is said to have occurred on May 30 even before the official launch of Galaxy Note 7 and went into availability. Samsung now have lot more to deal with a new lawsuit. Actually, one user of the Galaxy S7 Edge was carrying the handset in his pocket and suddenly it exploded while at work, and the burns for the affected were second/third degree. The source has provided few images of those incidents as well.

A construction worker Daniel Ramirez says that his Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire when he was at work at a bookstore in Ohio. Now been filed a lawsuit against Samsung and it calls the company to address the safety of batteries in the Galaxy S7 Edge “in light of the terrible injuries caused by at least one of their phones.” The affected one has also invited users of other people affected by such incidents with Galaxy S7 Edge to join the lawsuit.

Currently, Samsung has not yet clarified anything or commented about this issue and lawsuit. But the Galaxy Note7 was exploding because of overheat while charging, and the Galaxy S7 Edge exploded without charging and that too has claimed it has exploded without warning when it was in his pocket. More information on how you can do that:  Galaxy Note 7 Recall: How To Return It To Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung, Others.

What do you say about Galaxy S7 Edge explosion and lawsuit against Samsung?

(Source: CalssAction)

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