OnePlus 2 4G Supports Both FDD 1800MHz And TDD 2300MHz LTE Bands In India

The OnePlus 2 is official now. How best is the next-gen OnePlus One successor is to be seen in few days. Compared it with Moto X Style and it’s predecessor as well, but the actual point here is that on the official website, the company only included the FDD-LTE bands for the OnePlus 2 in India support. Now that the company has refreshed the Indian website and evidently added list of TDD-LTE bands as well. What actually are these LTE bands point to, and how it works better when in comparison chart. Detailed below!

oneplus-two-angleFianlly, we got to know that OnePlus 2 will support both the TDD-LTE Band 40 (2300MHz) as well as  works with FDD-LTE Band 3 (1800MHz) for India. Additionally, it includes FDD-LTE Band 20 (800MHz), which will work with the upcoming Reliance Jio network in India.

One of the source ran a speed test on the smartphone on 2300MHz TDD-LTE network, which in result got a download speed of up to 17.8Mbps (Megabits per second) and a upload speed od 3.69Mbps, and that too tested indoor, expect more when outdoor.

Check The List of OnePlus 2 4G LTE Bnads In Other Countries


OnePlus 2 Europe/Asia model supports the list of FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE bands:

1 (2100 MHz)
3 (1800 MHz)
5 (850 MHz)
7 (2600 MHz)
8 (900 MHz)
20 (800 MHz)
38 (TD 2600)
39 (TD 1900)
40 (TD 2300)
41 (TD 2500)

OnePlus 2 North American model supports the list of FDD-LTE bands:

1 (2100 MHz)
2 (1900 MHz)
4 (1700 MHz AWS)
5 (850 MHz)
7 (2600 MHz)
8 (900 MHz)
12 / 17 (700 MHz)

What do you think about the 4G LTE bands in India available on OnePlus 2. Let us know through your experience.

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