OnePlus 2 Launch Preparations Goes With New Contests Like These Two Here

OnePlus has announced new trial in development for the upcoming OnePlus One successor. Two contests have been set by OnePlus which offers fans a chance to get their hands on an early preview of the new OnePlus 2. First one namely Photo Mania 2015 and ‘Your OnePlus Story.’ Details on actually waht these contests are all about and how to get a first look at the next smartphone, the OnePlus 2.

Photo Mania is a concept purely similar to the last year’s contest. Fans willhave to upload their unedited and un-filtered photos to their Instagram account and tag as @oneplustech. And should explain how they have achieved the uploaded shot, which must include lightning and settings used. Describe it, then the OnePlus team will choose the Top 10 final uploaders based on the number of like they received and technical benefits as well. Winner will have the opportunity to have the glompse of the next OnePlus devices, OP2.

Your OnePlus Story,’ requires you to record a video of yourself with OnePlus One smartphone hands-on. Here you will only have three lucky winners in total. Means one from the oft-mentioned Photo Mania winner and 2 from this challenge. All the three will get the chance to get an all-expenses paid trip to Hong-Kong as well as will play a unique role in a secret project that the OP company has planned for the future.

Wait! Eight runner ups from the ‘Your OnePlus Story’ challengers will also get a bift bag from the company and their video will be featured in the upcoming OnePlus 2 project. So, are you ready to challenge?

The OnePlus 2 contest closes on 15th of June at 12PM Esatern Time, so make yourself hurry and submit your photos and videos before it lasts. Best of luck!

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