OnePlus Announces Hydrogen OS For China OnePlus One Users On May 28

Yet another version of OnePlus OxygenOS will be introduced in China. Named Hydrogen OS, the mobile operating system hits the phone shelves on May 28, 2015. As we all know that OnePlus already launched its custom ROM – Oxygen OS for India One smartphones, in the similar fashion, planning to launch Hydrogen OS for China OnePlus One owners. More details on what actually the OnePlus Hydrogen OS to be released can be grabbed after this jump.


OnePlus is a firm collaborated with Cyanogen OS and launched One smartphones internationally, and few months ago the company has finalized to cut its partnership with Cyanogen and decided to iterate its own custom OS, regarding Cyanogen plus Micromax Yu partnership, and launched OxygenOS for Indian One smartphones, and the Chinese manufacturer reportedly planning to roll out an alternative after its breakup with Cyanogen. Hyrogen OS will be officially released in Beijing on 28th May and like the OxygenOS, it will apparently focus on battery longavity and performance improvements.

The all new OnePlus H2 OS is purely built upon Android 5.0 Lollipop and will be similar to what Android stock mobile OS offers, to say some filled with much needed tweaks and revamped user interface on the go.

Remind you that the OnePlsu One users in China already have Color OS ROM, will receive Hydrogen OS update later this month. With Material Design, Hydrogen OS will be a bloatware-free and is streamlined for enhancements, as the company speaks. The company has already seeded a Weather app for China with a richer color, dynamic interaction, effects and more.

One thing to be noted and that is, OnePlus’s next custom OS – Hydrogen OS will look like another iOS, and coming with unique features. And said that he first beta version of the Hydrogen OS for the OnePlus One will be released in June

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