OnePlus’ Latest Product DR-1 Introduced As Palm-sized Drone With Remote Controller, Costs $20 USD

Is it a silly April Fool’ joke? OnePlus has today announced the DR-1, an areal drone that has been already teased few days ago as #OneGameChanger. OnePlus DR-1 appears to be a palm-sized Drone. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus picked the day to launch an unexpected product. What actually it debuts for and how it works can be checked after this jump.


The OnePlus DR-1 is a tiny quadrocopter that you can pilot with an included remote for a bit of fun. Integrated with Camera view? In order to record videos sky ways? Details below.

The OnePlus drone actually comes in at just 70mm (2.75-inches). The Dr-1 is a special edition product from OnePlus and available in limited quantities, and apart that officially said by the company is that the DR-1 is the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world.

The OnePlus Dr-1 – Drone can fly for about eight minutes on a 20-minute charge, and can also perform four-axis flips on command.

The OnePlus Dr-1 is priced at $19.99 and is available as said in ristricted amounts, but nevertheless, its worth buying without a camera integrated on it, and it’s oly an April Fool’s Day prank and a real product in equal measures for fun.

Source: OnePlus DR-1

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