Oops: LeEco Accidentally Leaks Its Upcoming US Products On Its Official Site

LeEco opens 555 service centres in India, now in US

LeEco’s big October 19th US launch event seems to have been spoiled, because of an accidental reveal of vast majority of products leaked on LeEco‘s official website. LeEco, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has purchased TV maker Vizio for a sum of $2 billion in July, to promote its own era of products line market in the United States, may have just spoiled its debut. How it happened?

The company LeEco is all set to unveil new products on 19th October, but before launch event, a numerous listings on LeEco’s website has been leaked. It appears that, in refreshing its online store, LeEco pulled an Apple and leaked its own announcements prior time. Now that those links have been removed, but took more time to do that as the lineup already been circulating on the worldwide Web.

The leaked devices in question include two smartphones models and four TVs. The LeEco phones are the Le Max 2 and Le S3, which are the company’s mid-range Android devices. Pricing and product names pop up as well.


According to the discovered listing, the Le Max2 will be available for $289 after a $60 discount, while the Le S3 appears to be an rebranded Le 2 that will sell for $169. Before you decide these are the official prices, then you might not just yet concern. It will likely change when LeEco finalizes its online store.

For LeEco TVs, there are three different models in its Super 4 line – a X43 Pro, an X55 and the X65 range. The Smart TVs almost definitely have placeholder prices attached, as two of them where shown with $14.99 price tags. The fourth unit is the uMax95. Despite now owning Vizio, a popular California-based TV maker with US brand recognition, LeEco appears to be marketing its new TVs under the LeEco name. Also the product description indicates the units will run Android TV OS on-board.


Here’s a list of those products.

  • Le Max2 smartphone ($349, plus $60 discount through Dec. 2016, for a total price of $289)
  • Le S3 smartphone ($299, plus $60 or $120 discount through Dec. 2016, total price listed at $169, but may be $239?)
  • LeEco Super4 X43 Pro TV (price shows $14.99, obviously a placeholder)
  • LeEco Super4 X55 TV ($799, may be a placeholder)
  • LeEco Super4 X65 TV (listed $14.99, placeholder)
  • LeEco uMax85 TV (listed $799, placeholder)

More details about LeEco’s official US product line-up can be witnessed on October 19th.

(Source: Android Police)

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