Oppo R7 Alternative From Coolpad Is Coming To India with Bezel-Less Display

Coolpad has announced its plans regarding launching its patended bezel-less smartphone in India later this year. Yet another Chinese manufacturer of smartphones actually revealed its plans to enter the Indian market earlier this month. Now, it pretty much looks like to be imminent though. More details on Coolpad’s bezel-less phone launch in India can be checked right after this fold.

Who knows Coolpad in India? No one right now are able to recognize it after all, but it was once the largest smartphone brand in China. The company claims that the “new invention” would redefine user experience for consumers and will set it own place apart from the other top smartphones in the market.

Although, Coolpad haven’t revealed anything about the smartphone specs, but said that “this patented technology can render the visual effect of a smartphone’s screen to be completely frameless through a manufacturing process while delivering a seamless, edge-to-edge visual experience to the end users.”

The technology used by Coolpad can render the visual effects of the device screen to appear as if its completely frameless. However, the whole concept of frameless or bezel-less smartphones seems to be more similar to what we have learnt from Oppo with its new R7, and Meizu MX5 hardware design. The touchscreen on the Coolpad smartphone will be built-in such a way that the bezel area could become a part of the display.

Coolpad in India is apparently looking to sell Dazen smartphones with a price range between Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 onine, in a similar fashion on how other most popular Chinese bands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo are fascinating today, and Coolpad aims to be one of those top three online brands in India by December 2015.

The bezel-less phone from Coolpad will be initially released in India along with a bunch of other countries followed by, very soon.

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