Predictive SwiftKey’s Emoji Keyboard ‘Swiftmoji’ Officially Released For Android And iOS [Download]

The company behind the SwiftKey Keyboard has launched the Swiftmoji predictive emoji keyboard beta version app for Android in May this year. Today, the same company has officially made available for download Swiftmoji on iOS and Android.

Swiftkey's newest keyword app, Swiftmoji, suggests emoji as you type

The latest version of Swiftmoji keyboard will definitely help predict your emoji. When you struggle to find out the right words, you can simply turn to emoji to convey your thoughts and feelings. SwiftKey’s new app iteration will toss a shortlist of suggestions for the appropriate and correct face, figure or finger.

This all-new predictive emoji keyboard app works like how you had with the normal SwiftKey Keyboard. For example, if you’re writing the word cooking in the Swiftmoji keyboard, it will suggest carious emojis that are very related to cooking and dishes, and also tips on “worldwide emoji trends”. Swiftmoji simply offers emoji predictions based on what you have been typing.

The SwiftKey’s newly released Swiftmoji app only supports English language now now, which was the first product since Microsoft acquired the SwiftKey keybaord earlier this year. Tends to make emojis quick accessing and the Swiftmoji keyboard is somewhat similar to other QWERTY keyboard apps and offers word prediction and gesture typing.

SwiftKey says a few words about its new Swiftmoji on iOS, is a emoji keyboard, while Swiftmoji on Android is a complete keyboard replacement. Why that? On Android, the Emoji Prediction Row or Bubble is been identified on top showing the emojis based on your text. The concept behind this is basically to offer emojis at the forefront instead of searching for them manually.

Swiftmoji supercharges your keyboard with predictive emoji

What to say moar….? Swiftmoji relies on context and trends to provide you with emoji recommendations. To help make sense of the sentiment behind the estimated six billion emoji sent every day. The Swiftmoji depends on the same artificial intelligence system that powers SwiftKey Keyboard’s predictive text and autocorrect features.

Best inclusions on the new app includes emoji trends from an assortment of publicly available data, along with aggregated and anonymized data users have elected to share with the SwiftKey team, according to the spokesperson Nicky Budd-Thanos. “This is done in the overwhelming majority by AI,” he also said, “but given that some of these predictions come from public sources like Twitter which may have undesirable or offensive trends, we’ve worked hard to reduce the chances of people being offered emoji predictions that might cause offense.”

Swiftmoji, a standalone app – serves as an add-on emoji keyboard for iOS and an entire keyboard alternative for Android, though it supports third-party messaging apps. Try it!

(Download: Swiftmoji Emoji Keyboard On iOS App Store, For Android On Google Play Store)

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