PUBG Mobile 0.8.1 Beta Update Released, Here’s What Is New In This Version

Another beta version of PUBG Mobile update has started rolling out to lucky individuals in the Chinese market, that too, ensuring the quality of the latest build before an eventual public release. You all being beta testers are now able to instantly sink your teeth into PUBG mobile 0.8.1 release.

When PUBG Mobile betas are concerned, the entire gameplay in the community is immediately up in arms about the release and trying to dissect what’s actually going to get brought to the table via relatively short gaming videos posted online.

It’s being version0.8.1, which is in the development team hand and the game is unlikely going to introduce any sweeping wholesale changes that make the title feel like an entirely new gameplay. However, from particular online posts and the videos which have filtered out, it seems that there is definitely enough to keep the most passionate PUBG Mobile gamer happy.

If not, it seems like the team behind the development of the PUBG is continuing the trend of trying to make the mobile version of the game in line with the original PC PUBG version in order to reignite the passion that has followed that game for a number of years. To achieve that, there is a noticeable improvement in gameplay as well as few other notable inclusions.

The highly-anticipated testers have discovered the inclusion of the new Sanhok map as well as a brand-new vehicle which will only be applicable to the recently introduced Miramar Desert map. Otherwise, the team has also introduced the brand new QBZ95 weapon – this should definitely give gamers a little-bit more killing-power.

As Expected

In addition to the new inclusions, the team has also made a number of small but vital detail improvements that look to make the game feel and play more like the original PC version. For those of you playing the Chinese version of the game, it’s likely that this new version update is currently in beta, could be tested and pushed out into the public domain by the end of the current calendar month, or at least during early July.

Global gamers who are playing the PUBG Engli variant, things are slightly different, as we should not expect this version too early, all know by now. Expect to wait a couple of months – minimum – for this release to filter through to the global application stores.

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