Purported iPad Pro Will Run On A9 Chipset, Force Touch, And NFC; Reports

According to the latest citing from an Apple Insider familiar with the company’s agenda sheds light on the new iPad Pro specs. The forthcoming full-size slate will purportedly feature next-generation A9 CPU, rather than A8, NFC, USB Type-C connector and all the go with Force Touch aesthetics. More details on the upcoming iPad Pro inclusions can be grabbed right after this break.

Previously it was alleged that the next iPad to come with either 12.9″ or 13-inch screen and now that with the presence of an Apple A9 chip on the iPad Pro should obviously catch anyone by surprise. The component will all but initially beefed up version of the processor that will debut in the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6 successor.

Near Field Communication (NFC) may allow the iPad Pro work as a terminal to receive Apple Pay transactions, alongside connecting the tablet to previously rumored ones, like pressure-sensitive Bluetooth stylus. Unknown, whether the tablet with that huge size will be used often for making payments.

With a Lightning connector, the USB Type-C port sits on beneath iPad Pro and will likely to make its appearance at some point this fall.

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