Purported Samsung Galaxy Note 5 / Note Edge 2 Specs Leaked; Details

New information have emerged on what we can expect from the South Korean giant’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5, which is going to follow the existing Galaxy Note 4 out of Samsung’s product catalogue and with perfectly good reason too. The Note line of smartphones – or phablet, tend to be hugely popular amongst both giants and users who simply like to have bigger screen space and don’t have to worry about such practicalities as fitting it into a pocket or, you know, not needing some sort of a pulley to pick it up. A refresh is due for Galaxy Note 4, soon the Galaxy Note 5 should apparently be on the horizon. More details coming directly out of SamMobile, and if you believe the current rumors.

Good news here isn’t that a new Note is likely to arrive this year, but what actually it may contain. Sources pegging the new Note 5 as having either a 2k or 4K screen resolution, and powered by an Exynos 7422 processor. Interesting to see it possibly get an Exynos 7430 may make an appearance as that is said to be testing also, though not currently the forerunner.

More apparent than that is the news regarding Samsung, which may be about to offer a curved Note handset for those who want something a little bit larger than the Galaxy S6 Edge. Rather than simply bringing a curved version of the Galaxy Note 5 to market though. Samsung is rumored to be about to launch a curved screened Galaxy Note 5 that doesn’t bear the Edge-like aesthetics and importantly, comes with a different screen size and built-in with lower specifications that it flat brother. Expected to see a 5.5-inch moniker or therebouts screen and hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chip if the speculations are to be believed.

Galaxy Note Edge
The two phablets should be starting to leak more and more as time progresses so stay tuned, as we’ll keep our eyes open. With an expected September launch time-frame, it will be the curved variant that our attention goes the most on, but that doesn’t mean the Note 5 isn’t left behind either from our sight.

(Source: SamMobile) (Via: RedmondPie)

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