Register Now: Apple Announces WWDC 2016 Event, Open For All Enthusiasts

June 13 to  run until June 17th is now the officially confirmed dates for WWDC 2016, as Siri leaked the timeframes for the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference earlier today, but nevertheless, the company has now officially announced it. Held in San Fransisco. Details of the week-long event, including specific locations, schedule, and for the live stream are now available on Apple’s dedicated WWDC site, along with a slightly awkard poem about Apple’s products.

These exact days would make up Apple’s big annual developer gathering. The confirmation, which as aforementioned initially came from Siri followed by a formal announcement by Apple, signals the begenning of what will surely be quite the hype for devcelopers to get their WWDC ticket – costs $1,599, hotel accommodation and air tickets booked while they still have a chance. Getting right into a hotel room around WWDC time is seriously difficult, though not quite as hard as getting tickets to the event.

Registrations for the even are now live through April 22 at 10:00am PDT, with developers being choosen at random and those already winning the lottery being informed on April 25th at 5:00pm PDT. Priced at around $1600, WWDC tickets don’t ever come cheaper than you admit.


And a matching registration page

Apple itself has now made those dates official, with a snazzy, developer-appropriate announcement page, no less. WWDC 2016 is far expected to be a big deal, with iOS 10 almost garunteed to get its first public release. Not much is known about the next iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, though we do accept to have a compilation of iOS 10 rumors and concept designs that you might want to check out, linked at the end.


Siri was so excited that it jumped the gun on the WWDC 2016 reveal, announcing it ahead of Apple itself

With that said, both the iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 (or MacOS 11) offers the same level of refreshes, then this Apple’s event may be the biggest yet, and that’s before we can discuss about the possibility of watchOS 3 and Apple Watch 2, upgradeed tvOS and new MacBook hardware changes.

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