Apple’s 10.5-Inch iPad Pro Variant Coming Next Year, OLED iPads Rumored For 2018


Highly respected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suddenly turned his attentions away from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 launch by suggesting that there is another variant of iPad Pro release in 2017. A research note published by him on the future of the company’s iPad range.

Issued by Kuo, his latest research note to investors predicting that Apple could have three major iPad models lined up for launch next year. If accurate, those new iPads would range in size from 9.7-inch all the way to 12.9-inches to a further claiming and expand the recently created iPad Pro rang progress, but here’s the more interesting tip; the third iPad Pro could pack a 10.5-inch display. Reportedly, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro model would certainly fit current trends for Apple’s tablet range for “commercial and education markets”.

It’s worth noting that Kuo does not mention the 7.9-inch iPad mini in his report, though. It could be that the analyst doesn’t have any solid predictions for the smaller iPad, but nevertheless, there’s also the possibility that the mini version will be phased out as demand in that size range shifts to the larger iPhone models.

To be exact, he believes that Apple plans to introduce a new 10.5-inch ipad as well as a new iPad Pro model in addition to the existing offerings. With the introduction of a 10.5-inch iPad Pro it would more than likely be the talking point of the range, but fans would better welcome with it an upgraded 12.9 and 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 range. Furthermore, the suggestion behind introducing an iPad Pro at this new size would be the potential to better penetrate the aforementioned sectors.

If the iPad comes in a larger size, such as a 10.5″ model, we believe it will be helpful to bid for tenders within the commercial and education markets. As a result, we expect Apple to launch a 10.5” iPad Pro in 2017. In addition, we estimate the 12.9″ iPad Pro 2 and 10.5″ iPad Pro will adopt the A10X processor, with TSMC (2330 TT, NT$177.5, N) being the sole supplier using 10nm process technology. The low-cost 9.7″ model may adopt the A9X processor, which is also exclusively supplied by TSMC.

Also claims that “revolutionary” changes could made to the iPads design in 2018, with Apple perhaps integrating a flexible AMOLED display to offer “new selling points through radical form factor design and user aesthetic changes”. A three-device iPad Pro lineup would definitely provide additional choice for the consumer, it would seem somewhat of an admission by Apple that the 12.9-inch device failed to hit that spot as the device was marketed as the perfect hardware for professionals.

OLED iPad range

Ming-Chi Kuo is also predicting that 2018 could be the year that “revolutionary” changes are brought about with the iPad lineup:

Revolutionary iPad model likely to be introduced in 2018F at the earliest, with radical changes in form factor design & user behavior on adoption of flexible AMOLED panel. We believe iPad will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone by adopting AMOLED panel in 2018F at the earliest. If Apple can truly tap the potential of a flexible AMOLED panel, we believe the new iPad model will offer new selling points through radical form factor design and user behavior changes, which could benefit shipments.

We will be waiting for more rumors on that score though, before we get kickstart looking out for an iPad with the curved display of a Samsung Galaxy Edge. We would undoubtedly welcome a new iPad to the lineup next year, but won’t be able to contain our excitement if we were able to interact with an OLED-based iPhone and iPad come 2018.

Via: MacRumors)

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