iPhone SE 2 Features & Specs, Release Date Set For August 2017

Rumors are those reports can be trusted sometimes, as like this one claiming Apple may release iPhone SE 2 this year itself, which cannot be believed, as Apple planning to launch iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus this fall, The information about the next-generation iPhone will become accurate when it will become available. But there has been less news of other possible iPhone-related releases then we may have expected, and specifically the new iPhone SE.

Now a new report has been upped by iGeneration claims that we can expect a new iPhone SE 2 in August, ahead of an iPhone 8 announcement in September or October.

Regarding the new iPhone SE 2, today’s news would make a modicum of sense considering the last time Apple’s smallest, least expensive iPhone 6s features-enabled iPhone got refresh was back in March of 2016. In 2017, the possibility of a refresh next month makes plenty of sense indeed.

Citing a source iGeneration reports, the new iPhone SE 2 will be even less expensive than iPhone SE is right now. That means a price of 3999 euros, down from the 489 euros buyers have to hand over right now. Because of Apple’s iPhone and iPad sales dropped this year, it seems like the Cupertino-based company is looking further to change its thoughts in expenditure and pricing as well.

The source that provided information about the new iPhone SE 2 price and some key features has no track record to look at when trying to decide how reliable this leak or may not be. It makes plenty of sense, but then not everything Apple does make sense these days, does it?

Anything can happen with the iPhone SE, regardless. We do know with almost certainly that an iPhone 8 will be announced in either September or October, and with that being speculated the flagship device everyone seems to be aware and waiting for, it’s possible nobody will even notice whether we get a new iPhone SE or not!

(Source: iGeneration [Google Translate])

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