Rumored iPhone 7 Pro Allegedly Leaked Design Plus ‘Confirmed’ Specs In Schematics

Scematics of what is claimed to be the iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone Pro, depending on which rumor you believe and digest, have appeared online after intially being published in the June issue of Japanese magazine MacFun.

The schematics leak, published online by a Japanese site Mac Otakara, showing off what is rumored to be named the alleged iPhone 7 Plus – the iPhone 7-based successor to the iPhone 6s Plus. Featuring a 5.5-inch screen and dimensions identical to that of the current iPhone 6s, the upcoming hardware will look kind of similar to the now available iPhone expect for few tweaks, according to the schematics, which of course, does sit well with many previous rumors on the subject while not trying in with every speculation we have come across.

One noticeable inclusion of a dual-camera setup differentiates it from the iPhone 6s Plus. Also rumored of late, the integration of an extra camera module on the device’s back would almost certainly put paid to any suggestion that the new iPhone will be any smaller thanks to the extra space that would radically required to accommodate it.

Fans will be disappointed to know that the leaked schematics also raise the question of headphone audio jack, with a single Lightning port expected to be the only way to get and listen to audio out of the device. Rumors although have circulated through those lines for a long while now, and while not everyone is in agreement that it is good idea, then, the saving in space alone could be enough fot Apple to consider it gven the measurements Apple is working with here.

Well! The schematics has now also shown Smart Connector on the back, which too, has been rumored to make its way from iPad to iPhone for a while.

Finally, the schematics however do not mention anything about the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and instead focus on larger-screen 5.5-inch “iPhone Pro” that looks set to receive the higher-end features, including additional camera specs. We can only expec the iPhone 7 to be more identical, though obviously, smaller and sans that extra camera lens.

With September-bound dates, we’re going to have to wait a little while before we know for sure.

(Via: Mac Otakara [Google Translate])

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