Rumored LG G Pro 3 Coming With Snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB of RAM, Expected To Release By The End

A new report allegedly surfaced suggesting that the LG G Pro 3 is coming with an upgraded chipset and memory onboard, as it was so far unclear that the project was reportedly put on hold a while ago in favor of LG G4. With the main flagship now on tracks and doind well, the company apparently back on work for releasing the successor to the G Pro 2.
If this latest leaks comes true, then the high-end phablet device will indeed packa larger 6-inch Quad-HD display with 2K resolution screen onboard. The G Pro 3 will likely to be running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, but effectively packa a 4GB of RAM, so that we can expect the best multi-tasking window. If its to be believed, then the G Pro 3 will include a 32GB of built-in storage alongside the expandable microSD card support (up to 128GB).

The sources however suggest a 20.7MP main camera sensor that carries a bit of a Sony vibe, though it could well be the 10:7 Toshiba sensor, garnered in this year’s HTC One M9 and many more to fix with. Obviously have a front-facing camera and could be an 8MP selfie-focused one.

Tipped that the handset which is yet-unannounced product from LG to use a fingerprint sensor, and could be another speculation that may be yet another inclusion to join the camera aspect and the proprietary control layout on the back. It’s also said that LG was believed to be skipping fingerprint reading and jumping directly to Iris recognition, but it can only be expected and reserved for the LG G5, indeed.

The LG G Pro 3 handset is said to be released by the end of this year. Priced at $790 USD, which is not exactly afforadble enough, though posing with a 6-inch panel.


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