Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Spotted In Offcial Plus Program Listing; Details

About the Galaxy S6 Active. Rumors have already emerged regrading the yet-unannounced device from Samsung, which has now been captured on numerous occasions – like in press images ad live photos. Specifications of the alleged S6 Active has also leaked though, but all were speculated and un-clarified. But nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active indeed to hit the store shelves pretty soon. More details on the spotted Galaxy S6 Active specs can be grabbed right after this jump.

Confirmation from Samsung is still awaited, but today, one such item did, in fact pop-up. The rugged version of the flagship device appeared in a listing of Samsung devices, as part of Samsung Plus program, which is a community meant specifically for loyal Samsung fans, set up be the company itself, for distributing special offers and offering benefits to the most devoted users.

Unfortunately, the table listing seen the S6 Active, spotted but quickly removed from the point-based system of the Plus program. Where it shows each and every device along with its release timeframe and point value, depending on how long you have owned it, before registering. Imminent was the Galaxy S6 Active was indeed listed in between the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, which apparently accompained by a release date timeframe, like the rest of the phones, namely April 10.

In fact the Galaxy S6 Active was planned to come out alongside the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships on the oft-mentioned date, but the decision could have been reconsidered because of the huge interest for the S flagships.

Now that, it looks like the whole listing was probably an accident and the values were duplicated from the S6 row. Historical data shows that Samsung’s Active versions usually come out a few months later, around June or July, so, we can only expect to see similar timing with the S6 Active.

If you head over to the Samsung Plus program, you won’t see the Galaxy S6 Active there in the listing, which makes sense that it could be photoshoped. However, I am not sure about that, but believe it is the upcoming device with rugged body, alongside the Galaxy Note 5.

Anything about the Galaxy S6 Active specs we know are speculated, such as it will be almost identical to the S6 flagship in terms of hardware. Features the same 14mm Exynos 6420 SoC, 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, 16MP main camera and 5MP front-facing sensor. Durable exterior is fixed and it will also be coming with a massive 350mAh battery and an expandable microSD card support, which was missing of the Samsung’s Galaxy S6.

Pricing and availability is unkown at the far moment, but we can only assume that the Galaxy S6 Active will arrive at AT&T in the US first, but here too nothing is official as yet come from Samsung.

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