Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Front To Go With A 20MP OIS Integration

Rumor mill is accustomed with Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy S6 news and this time just after speculating that Qualcomm to update its Snapdragon 810 for Samsung, Industry insiders from the Electra-Mechanics (SEM) subsidiary hint that the top-specked smartphone will pack a 20 MP primary camera with Optical Image Stabilization front.

Financial results of SEM were poorly caused by the predominant market distribution of low-end camera modules with small profit margins last year. Expected to see a rise in profits this year, thanks to the production of premium 16MP and 20MP OIS camera modules.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 to sport a 20MP camera with OIS
However, we haven’t seen Samsung making an 20-megapixel stabilized camera as yet, or else didn’t come through any rumor mills though, alleged to come with the upcoming Samsung’s new flagship device in March.

Samsung although been caught employing Sony sensors, and with this report in Korea media suggests that won’t be the case for the Galaxy S6. Likely to utilize its in-house chipset for the future flagship, supposed to allot a home-brewed camera-esque as well, which will further increase the SK giant’s profits. Stay tuned!


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