Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Design, Specs Based On Leaked Render, Adds S7+ Edge, S7 Edge And S7 Edge Plus [Video]

It looks like Samsung is not only working on one 2016’s flagship, the Galaxy S7, but also seems that Galaxy S7 Plus, and S7 Edge on its way, as has already come under a lot of security and it isn’t even an official device. Yet, we’ve already heard of rumors suggesting that the South Korean company could be planning on releasing three versions of the S7 with different processor architecture for varying markets. Now, according to the leaked renders that have made it into the public domain are believed that Samsung could have some big plans for the S7 that could edge a Plus version of the handset with a larger display than the standard Galaxy S7 model.

These latest leaks coinscide with the information which suggested that Samsung would release the Galaxy S7 in two display sizes. What we’re actually seeing here aren’t “official” visuals of the purported device obtained by some one through official Samsung channels.

To Feature Cat 12/13 LTE standards

Instead, the popular leakster @evleaks has shared in his Twitter account, the possibility of Samsung working on S7 Plus, S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus and the basic model of Galaxy S7. No information on specifications of the phones have been tweeted. The renders themselves have been created and put together through the use of the CAD computer package. Based on supposed official blueprints of the hardware that were leaked in another point of view.


If these renders are to be believed and to be at least partially accurate then it looks like we are going to be dealing with a supersize Galaxy S6. Seems though Samsung has had enough feedback from the current S6 model to stick with the overall aesthetics of the smartphone, albiet with a few minor changes for this latest model. Images seems to suggest that there will be a few changes around the hardware-based Home button at the bottom of the hardware on the front. While the blueprints also give out some info that you just can’t derive from the CAD renders. The Galaxy S7 Plus could measure in at at 163.5 x 82mm.


Previous leaks that have suggested Samsung is planning a version of the S7 with a 6-inch display and 4K Ultra HD support. Watching, Samsung fans will notice however that it doesn’t look as though expandable storage via an integrated microSD card slot or USB-C port will be making a magical appearance in the near future.


The devices are very much expected to be officially unveiled by Samsung early next year and will sport new, more gigantic screen and powerful processors coming from Qualcomm Sanpdragon 820 and Exynos SoC variants as well updated camera capabilities and in four models.

(source: OnLeaks [Twitter])

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