Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Leaks In A Fairly Good Real-Life Photos

Although it was rumored for a while that Samsung will refresh the Galaxy S Active series with a new device more in line with its current generation of flagships. So today’s leak looks very much convincing as we’re getting our first hands-on look at the upcoming rugged device. Here are the details you need to know about.

One of the forums user named Dominique Henderson, started a thread claiming they have a Galaxy S8 Active. The thread contained both pictures and a hands-on video (link here), though the video has since been taken down, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, the leaked handset seems to be very similar to both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, however it lacks the curved 3D glass edges. It does retain the unique 18.5:9 aspect ratio, too.

According to the user, the screen is shielded by a polycarbonate layer on top, same as last year’s Galaxy S7 Active. Additionally, the Active version comes in with severely thicker bezels on all sides, of course for better protection of the display and internals of the handset. The frame itself is reportedly metal, with metal and polymer bumpers in all four corners.

The newly leaked picture shows many things, as the Galaxy S8 Active is said to be having a 4000mAh battery, which is quite the advantage over the 3500mAh power pack on the Galaxy S8 Plus and the 3,000mAh one on the Galaxy S8. Last year’s S7 Active also came with the same 4,000mAh unit.

Changes which you can expect from the Galaxy S8 Active this year would be in the software features, missing some of the unique perks which made popular by previous Active models. For example, as per the user – the S8 Active’s camera app lacks last year’s Aqua mode, which was meant for shooting photos and videos underwater. With that said, it’s worth noting that this is probably a pre-production unit, so things may definitely vary from now until this phone is announced.

There’s by surprise is the lack of an Active Key on the side of the phone. Instead, there is only the Bixby button. Perhaps Samsung completely scrapped the extra key in favor of its digital assistant, or maybe it will employ some intelligent trick so the button can both summon Bixby and function as an Active Key. So, Samsung seems to be all-set in giving users easy access to Bixby.

Based on what we’ve heard or seen this far, are you interested in the Galaxy S8 Active, or ar the regular S8 and 8+ good enough for you? Time will decide, once the rugged comes into market later on. Stay tuned for more!

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