Samsung Might Discontinue Selling Galaxy Alpha By February [Report]

This would be your last chance purchasing Samsung Galaxy Alpha right now. Because if the latest rumor from the native South Korean is to be believed, you won’t be able to buy it for much longer. Full details below!

The report that surfaced online suggesting that Samsung will discontinue the production of the Galaxy Alpha by early February 2015. The manufacturer will apparently produce the metal-clad smartphone only until the materials it currently has in inventory for it are all used up, and there’s no plans to order more parts for the Alpha.

This news comes from an unnamed “industry insider”, so the cautions apply about taking such things for granted. Why killing Galaxy Alpha? May be Samsung is said to have something to do with the Galaxy A5 in the near future or anything else.

The Galaxy A5 is supposed to be a replacement for the Galaxy Alpha, at least on Korean market. With A5, Galaxy A7 and Galaxy Grand Max are expected to launch in the mid-January to early February time frame. Now it looks like Samsung is pretty much focusing on more affordable devices in its home country next year, and the A5 will be the first to enter the party.

Priced at KRW 400,000 (that’s about $363 or €298), the Samsung Galaxy A5 is expected to become more popular in Korean than the Galaxy Alpha, which wasn’t a huge success though since its launch.

Point to be noted, Samsung however hasn’t confirmed any of the aforementioned words as yet. So it may go either way or can change its plans. Stay tuned!


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