Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Gets A Permanent Price Drop, Here Are The Details

These are Samsung’s two new smartphones just can’t catch a break right now, and worrying earnings report makes the company start its first round of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge price cuts. But wait, if you really want to see a cheaper Galaxy S phone, you will need to be in the Netherlands, as the only Samsung store to reflect the newly discounted price as of yet. Living in and have access to Samsung Netherland’s online store though, a €100 (around $100 USD) discount awaits you starting on 32GB Galaxy S6, and €150 (around $165 USD) starting on 32GB S6 Edge.

Permanently, the decision to drop the price of the current hgh-end Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge ia no-brainer, but with the Netherlands currently the one place that discount can be taken advantage of, you’re looking at paying €599 down from €699 for a 32GB Galaxy S6 from Samsung Netherlands, with a 32GB Galaxy S6 Edge set to cost you €699 down from €849.

It’s all done under pressure to perform and with the Galaxy Note 5 flagship just around the corner, we can assume that the discount will also make its way to the rest of Europe as well as the United States soon, and with Note 5 expected within weeks, that price drop on Galaxy S6 and Glaxy S6 Edge may need to come before people start to consider simply opting for the current hotness instaed of a phone that hasn’t sold too well since its initial introduction.


Galaxy S6 on Samsung Netherlands website.


Errors in making too many Galaxy S6 handsets and not enough of the Edge variety didn’t help the launch period, either. With this price rejigging is enough to save Samsung’s year remains to be seen, but with the firm now finding that its current crop of top-end models are not resonating with customers and a new iPhone or three due in September, things may get worse for Samsung and its Galaxy S lineup before they start to show any sign of getter better, once again in the smartphone market globally.

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