Samsung Reportedly Planning To Adopt Dual Camera Device In 2016

According to a new report out of Korea claims that Samsung considering to be working on a device with dual camera on-board, which is set to be released next year. This dual camera concept coincides with the HTC’s One M8-camear setup, which was the first handset to feature a duos camera setup on its back and secondary cam sensor was used to capture depth information to enhance effects like bokeh, alongside, allowing users to refocus the captured image. More details how Samsung bringing its dual camera device in 2016, can be checked right after this break.

Is Samsung looking into dual-camera device for next year?
Although, the aforementioned concept of dual camera is no new one, but it depends on what the cameras are intended to do. For 3D image captures, HTC Evo 3D smartphone is already there, and Samsung to reinvent anything new on dual-camera focusing to create high quality images or zoom into images like DSLR, the company should always be clear about the Megapixel and Pixel Density for that.

If the results will be satisfactory enough for Samsung to bring a dual-camera device to market next year. It must be targeted in zooming and tracking of fast moving objects aside from the bokeh effects and refocusing of captured images.


A spokesman for Samsung Electronics saying that the company has four concepts of dual-camera setups currently in testing, and it is expected to take in action of this technology “in the first half of next year.” May be focusing on “Light”, which has a similar idea on this concept to bring 52MP camera modules to hit the smartphones market by the end of 2016, and if its accurate, then we will be going to see both Apple with LinX and Samsung with Light dual camera concepts enter the market.

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