Samsung Tizen App Store Now Available In 182 Countries Worldwide

By making its own OS for its smartphone and even built an app store for its own operating system available nearly everywhere, the South Korean giant may be trying to grab more developers into creating apps for its platform. Samsung has expanded the Tizen App Store from just two countries to 182 – including the US, the UK and China. More details on the Tizen App Store global availability list can be checked right after this break.

As oft-mentioned Samsung has made the Tizen Store available in 182 regions around the world, even the company’s only Tizen-based smartphone – the Samsung Z1 – is currently only available in India and Bangladesh, according to The Wall Street Journal.

With this move from Samsung clearly indicates that the Korean company has plans to bring Tizen phone to more countries globally. Since the Tizen Store currently has little to boast in terms of big-name apps, Samsung might be admitting to attract more app developers by expanding the store’s search. And by making the Tizen Store available worldwide, Samsung attracted some prominent developers to build titles for its Tizen OS platform, to name some, game maker Electronic Arts, the Tizen marketplace is an afterthought for most developers, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems are where the vast majority of users are.

Cash-strapped developers trying to get their apps to go beyond as possible benefit the most from developing apps for iOS and Android platforms. Left behind is that other second-tier OSes, such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry, deal with as well.


Tizen was indeed designed to be Samsung’s answer to the two dominant giants in mobile OS, Android and iOS. Samsung decided that it would offer as an alternative to customers in emerging smartphone market who were seeking low-cost smartphones. Samsung Z2, the company’s first Tizen-powered phone is now available for under $100 off-contract, making it ultra-affordable for customers who want to jump into the smartphone market, rather don’t have the cash to buy a higher alternative phone running iOS or Android.

Samsung Tizen based products includes some wearables, including the Samsung Gear S and the Gear 2, are running Tizen OS. It’s also said that the company will run Tizen on all of the Samsung’s smart-TVs in 2015.

Now that the Tizen Store is officially available worldwide, Samsung could be positioning the marketplace for more app usage and thus, attract more popular apps. Having more and more devices running on Tizen, including as mentioned – smart TVs – may help its effort in that zone.

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