Offer: Samsung Will Pay You $200 If You Ditch Your iPhone For A New Galaxy Smartphone

Trust me, it looks like Samsung is serious about its offering and when it comes to luring iPhone users across to Andooid. With its “Ultimate Test Drive” program, Samsung allowed iPhone users to get their hands-on a Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 Edge+, or Galaxy S6 for a simple $1 outlay. Now, with yet another excited one that comes with an attractive treat if they decide to make switch across to Samsung and Android permanent.

The Ultimate Test Drive program introduced by Samsung, however designed to give iPhone owners a chance to nce what eaxactly the company has to offer for thirty days with minimal outlay, has now been made more budgety with the addition of a $200 incentive for those who really want to stick with Samsung hardware, conduit iPhone.


Contribution belongs to both financial recompense and Google Play credit to those who ditch Apple’s iPhone in favor of Samsung and Android. Those who take part in the Ultimate Test Drive program and make the decision a permanent one, will receive a $100 Google Play Store credit to purchase apps, movies, TV shows and music. Inviduals, will also receive a check to the value of $100 as a special thank you from Samsung, but only if that person traded in an iPhone to their carrier or retailer.

Samsung struggling to grow its market share and it isn’t any secret and the company’s financial postings have shown that the smartphone behemoth is struggling to make an impact, and feels that Apple’s iPhone is the main culprit for those troubles. What next? Getting involved in the process and claiming the intensive is fairly easy and has been made as quick and efficient as possible by Samsung.

If you are one of those already in the Ultimate Test Drive part and decided to keep it, then simply point your Web browser to and enter the email address which you had used at participation of the initial promotion.


Once verified, Samsung will through you an email with a $100 Google Play credit code for use in the store. If there was an iPhone traded in as part of the progress, and has been verified, then Samsung will also issue a $100 check through the post.

What do you think about this? Are you ready to make the switch to one of Samsung’s latest smartphones, by sacrificing your iPhone?

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