Samsung Holds Patent Of A Foldable Smartphone With Integrated Hologram Projector Features

It was admitted that Samsung has been hinting at plans for a flexible foldable phone for a while. Now that a new patent filing surfaced from the company’s romored device could be even crazier than we aknowledged. As the filing describes a foldable device with a built-in projector or hologram module, and was filed in June 2015 by Samsung, and of course we’re aware of applications for foldable displays which were ecently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Spotted by Patently Mobile, suggests that the Samsung’s foldable gadget could potentially display 3D stereographic images in the air or project them onto a screen. However the company doesn’t go into much detail on how these would work, but it is definitely an intrguing idea. Actually the same time when the foldable display patent has outed, was believed to be used on Galaxy Note devices.

The patent diagrams shwo up the ability of the smartphone to fold, which will also equipped with a projector that could display stereographic image (3D) on air. Highlights that a hinge present on the phone will support bending the display in half when the hardware is closed or folded. For that, it seems like Samsung likely to use interactive app icons on the edge of the screen when the device is closed.

While speaking of the design, Samsung offers two different options. Both feature a large flexible displays that folds using a pair of hinges. One sketch shows a bulkier device that looks a bit like Nintendo’s EDS when its folded. Second up slimmer version pretends more like a paper notebook.

Samsung Teases Foldable Tablets and Smartphones For 2016
Although Samsung filed the patent earlier in June, which wasn’t published until December. A bunch of patents from Samsung had revealed new smartphone form factors with flexible displays. There‚Äôs no guarantee this device will ever see the light of day though the company is expected to release some sort of foldable smartphone in 2016. Notably, these are only patent filings and nothing is official yet and take it with a grain of salt. For now!


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