Satya Nadella Demos Microsoft iOS Apps On ‘iPhone Pro’ [Video]

The Cheif Executive Officer Of Microsoft, Satya Nadella says how do you make an iPhone Pro? Answer from him is simple that we will be explaining about in a minute. It seems that Microsoft is racking up its appearance at various events and conferences in an effort to promote its bundle of mobile applications. Microsoft CEO has now made an appearance at the annual Salesforce Dreamforce Conference where he demoed a number of Microsoft initiatives aimed at high-spending business customers.

It happened just after intially demonstrating a number of improved apps at Apple’s dedicated media event in San Fransisco few days ago. Said that Microsoft has a number of products and services that are extremely beneficial to the professional world for business. In fact his focus appears to be on the fact that the Microsoft’s head-honcho employed the services of an Apple iPhone to demo his company’s applications, notable Microsoft Outlook for efficient communications, and Skype for instant messaging and seamless video calling.


On stage, Nadella wasn’t using iPhone of his own and says it wouldn’t be right now would it? Given the fact that Microsoft continues to inject time, energy, and financial and engineering resourses into developing productivity apps for the iOS platform, it makes perfect sense that the CEO of the software giant would take one for the team and show off those apps to their full potential; even it that does involve using the hardware from a smartphone rival (competitor). As part of it, he was keen to stress that by loading the device with Microsoft apps, it turned the hardware into an “iPhone Pro”.


What Apple would make of it is unknown at the moment. Apple’s extremely capable hardware may have been used as part of the testament at the conference, but it’s indeed the power and caoability of apps that stole the show. Microsoft’s impressive dedication to releasing, and updating apps for the iOS platform have proven to be quite the dilemma for iOS users when faced with making a choice for a few notable apps. Nadella believes that Microsoft Outlook is the best email client for iOS, topping Apple’s own native Mail app, and the claim is not that far-fetched either.


Guess what? Nadella actually uses his own Windows Phone “more often” than Apple’s iPhone, but the recent appearance of Kirk Koenigsbauer at the Apple event to demonstrate the Office software on the iPad Pro, paired together with his recent demonstration of Microsoft apps via an iPhone, shows just after what change the technological landscape has witnessed in recent years.

(Source: Windows Central) (Via: Redmondpie)

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