Screenshots Of WhatsApp Voice Calling Options Leaks Again [Images]

WhatsApp has already been promising to introduce call functionality for almost an year now, and with new images from an experimental build of the app suggest the voice calling feature could be close to completion. Screenshots leaked in a new set on captures suggesting that the official launch of voice calling coming pretty close.

This is what WhatsApp voice calling will look like
The above screenshots have been created by member and extracted layout files, images, and text from the raw code of the app hosted on WhatsApp’s website. As per The Verge: “All screens except for the incoming call screen [would] look 99.9 percent like in my constructed screenshots if they released WhatsApp Call today.”

If you look at the images, there would be separate screens for dialing a voice call to WhatsApp contacts, call logs, and ongoing calls. And the images suggest a pretty straightforward implementation of voice calling, with a slide-to-answer function, options to reply by message (including pre-defined texts), and a button to connect Bluetooth headsets.

First of all talking about the call logs on WhatsApp, dialer and the contact screen is separated from the main chat windows which also combines recording and playback. It also shows a conversation window that displays on received and missed call icons. User will have the opportunity to record calls and play them back later as well.

Rumored already that WhatsApp might make an introduction of the call mute feature, switch to text messages, and hanging up options too. However, the voice-calling feature is still under development and which might be rolled out in the first quarter of 2015.


Note: the information which we allotted from the code for these functions exists, there’s no guarantee they’ll be included in the final release. Nevertheless, WhatsApp did say it would be introducing voice calls functionality some time next year. Stay tuned!

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