Sharp Announces 5.5-Inch 4K UHD IGZO LCD Display With A Crazy 806ppi Density

If you think Samsung’s Galaxy S6 have the best display yet with the most pixels then you are mistaken, Sharp is even going to give it to us with an absolutely bonkers 5.5-inch LCD 4K UHD display, that too with an 806ppi pixel density. More details on this jump can be grabbed after this break.

Sharp to compete with the biggies like Samsung, Apple, HTC and LG to name some, has climbed on the stage to introduce the world’s first 5.5-inch mobile display with a 2160×3840 pixels Ultra-HD (4K) resolution screen. However, the panel is scheduled for mass production in 2016, which comes with a mind-blowing pixel density of 806 pixels per inch.

New 5.5″ UHD 4K IGZO LCD panel from Sharp was announced at the China Information Technology Expo 2015 in Shenzhen last week, though, the panel has a screen area of 121 x 68mm, which is rather bigger and sharper than what to be compared to 4.1″ IGZO LCD display with 736ppi – launched last year.

LG is rumored to be making an 8K 27-inch displays for Apple and if it does then, the smartphone displays will reach 4320×7680 pixels resolution of an 8K displays – that will be 16 times higher than a fullHD 1080p display, which of course employed for top-end full dome theater projections.

The 3860X2160 IGZO panel still has a few remaining questions to answer. First, Sharp needs to figure out mass production, and won’t be seeing this display anytime soon, and second, how these displays won’t accurately demolish our already frustratingly poor battery life. While the IGZO screen utlizes a conventional RGB matrix, meaning that there aren’t going to be any issues with sub-pixel rendering. Since the display is based on semiconductor material indium gallium zinc oxide.

Thanks to smartphone-powered VR headsets like Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or even the new VR headset for LG’s G3. 4K displays will make VR headset experiences absolutely sublime, as a greately enhanced pixel density removes the screen-door effect, and thereafter provides better immersion. The only thing to be noted is that hope battert technology will catch up with the demands of 4K displays soon enough, as ultra-HD should not compromise daily usage.

Sharp also promises better clarity compared to TFT. 4K IGZO panels offers sample pixel size of 10.5μm × 3, compared to a 4.7 inch 720p panels with 27μm × 3 sample pixel size. Now it has achieved 806ppi on a 4K UHD LCD display and Sharp will start mass production of the IGZO panel Ultra-HD resolution in 2016.

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