Sony Confirms 4K-Capable PlayStation 4 “Neo” – Referred To As The New Streaming Console

While Sony hasn’t actually announced the updated PS4 hardware, but there is indeed a new PlayStation on the horizon, and that it will, as predicted, offer gaming in 4K resolution. Confirmed by Sony, 4K-capable PlayStation 5 “Neo” – referred to as the PlayStation 4K or PS4.5 by initial rumors – is now officially real. During a recent interview, Andrew House, who is the President and Global Chief Executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed that the PS4 Neo will not make its debut at this year’s E3, which happens to start on Monday.

So, we won’t be seeing it soon, though. For those wondering whether the Neo would replace the vanilla PS4, House says that “it is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4,” which means buyers of new consoles will have two PlayStation 4 machines to choose from. One of which will play games in 4K and presumably have other features to boot, while the other will be the PS4 that we all know and care.

The PS4 Neo is said to be coming with a faster processor, improved graphics and gets support for 4K content. The updated model will cost more than the current one, but when it comes to software, House says things are very simple indeed. All the games will be compatible with both the PS4 and PS4 Neo, but some will have additional features – such as 4K support – that gamers will need a PS4 Neo in order to access.

Nevertheless, Sony will continue to sell the currently popular PS4 model, even though the release of PS4 Neo. Interestingly, House also confirmed that the two machines will be sold side-by-side for the duration of the hardware’s cycle. The PS4 as we know is going nowhere.

On the other hand, Microsoft also rumored to have an updated version of the Xbox One in the works, called the “Xbox One Scorpio”, that would offer 6 teraflops of performance, faster processing than the PS4 Neo. Now we all need to know is some concrete numbers. When the PS4 Neo be available, and how much it will cost?


(Source: Financial Times)

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