Sony Sends Of Invites For September 7 PlayStation Meeting

Sony likely unveil the PlayStation 4 'Neo' on September 7

It seems Sony will be announcing its latest 4k-bound PS4 NEO on the given date which it already sent out invites for a press event September 7. Is going to be a busy day to Sony, has raised excitement levels in the video gaming industry by issuing invitations for PS event where chances are the company will unveil a refreshed PlayStation 4.

After Microsoft officially announced the Xbox One S, and later made the console available for sale earlier this month, Sony was expected to follow the suite by making an announcement to rival Microsoft’s attempt at regaining some of the video gaming console market share. Sony’s event “PlayStation Meeting” looks to be the beginning of that counter, with the company looking to use the pace to discuss the “PlayStation business“.

Given that fact that Sony already acknowledged that the PS4 ‘Neo’ was real and wouldn’t be unveiled at E3 in June, everything indicates that the Japanese electronics is all set ready to introduce the PS4 Neo just in time for a launch before the holiday season. However, the press invites doesn’t exactly come as a great surprise to many involved in the technology world. Nevertheless, a number of reports from gaming-centric blogs and publications had been already predicted that Sony would be looking to hold an event on that particular day in question. Now, we have that official confirmation from the firm’s mouth so to speak genuinely.

Rumors started emerging in March about the more powerful PS4 codenamed ‘Neo’. The new console is supposed to be much more gigantic than the existing PS4 console in order to support more demanding games, and especially for the PlayStation VR headset. It’s widely expected that the event will be used to discuss the PlayStation Neo in greater detail. Sony may not want to give too much away on the event four weeks ahead of time. For those that may not have, the PlayStation Neo is essentially Sony’s attempt at a successor of sorts to the existing PlayStation 4 model.

In addition to virtual reality, he PS4 ‘Neo’ could be a good companion for your brand new 4K TV. The new console should support 4K movies, TV shows and even games. The PlayStation 4 was released three years ago and could be a bottleneck for best VR games. During the event, Sony is expected to not only talk about the success of the PlayStation as a platform and as a market leader, but also takes the stage to announced that the Neo will offer compatibility for the currently available PlayStation 4 games as well as offering a “Neo” mode that will allow developers to honour upscaled experience uniquely for that console version.

The console is expected to come equipped with additional processing power and as said have support for 4K games, TV shows and movies. For that time being, it’ll be extremely interesting to see if Sony has any other information to share or reveals up its sleeve to announce during the upcoming event.

The PlayStation Neo, or the upgraded version of PlayStation 4.5 as it’s being referred to in some circles, has been discussed and speculated about for a while now, which in itself has raised excitement levels for the hardware.


What’s going to be on offer? The “PlayStation Meeting” will take place on September 7th at 3PM ET. Catch me if you can on that date.

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