Sony Xperia Z4 Could Be launched On April 20 As Z3 Neo?

Although, we are pretty close for the Sony’s Xperia Z4 launch event, as the new Xperia Z series handset getting official, but there’s growing controversy regarding the phone’s name. More details on Xperia Z3 Neo or Z4 can be classified below.

Reports from Japan evidently points Sony, is all set to unveil a new device on April 20, which is next Monday. But the company hasn’t said any word on what it will announce on the keynote, so the assumption that this is the new flagship is for now just that – clarification.

Sony competitors has already launched their flagships (Samsung and HTC) and LG is also in front of Sony’s era of devices with LG G4 smartphone, though, it could make its debut after Sony Xperia Z goes live. Now that the Japanese company is finally ready to follow suit.

If the next top of the line of Sony device will be Xperia Z4, as has been extensively leaked before, your assumption could become wrong and why? We’ve already covered areport saying that we’ll actually be seeing an Xperia Z3 Neo, and that is this has been ‘confirmed’ by a Twitter account specializing in leaking such buzz.

Many other sources referred to the handset as the Xperia Z4, which indeed makes sense, but said that the smartphone shouldn’t be very different from the Xperia Z3, its predecessor, so it may perhaps not calling it Z4 anymore. What next is to see whether Sony be launching two flagships right this month, is unknown, but if this Xperia Z3 Neo is succeeded by the Z4 in the fall then that fairly won’t happen.


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