Specs For Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaks Again Through AnTuTu Screenshot

Already seen a leaked AnTuTu benchmark screenshots that showcased the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 specs. Now, yet another screenshot surfaced displaying slightly different specifications. Full details right after this fold.

New screenshots shows up the phone having a quad-HD (QHD) display, powered by an Octa-Core CPU and Mali-T760 GPU, while according to the previous screenshot reports, the Galaxy S6 was integrated with the upcoming 7420 based on 20nm process and 64-bit architecture. Now that the phone is notified to be paired with a 3GB of RAM on board.

Difference here with the newer and older screenshots compares the 20-megapixel camera on its back, and the newer one mentions only 16MP rear sensor. Means, there will be two variants of the unannounced Galaxy S6 smartphone which will go on sale in different markets with a variety of specs. While the Korean models usually have better inclusions, but we have to wait for the official announcement or before it if anyone find out for sure.

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